Velvety Soft

I have this theory that velvet has a sort of shadowy, mysteriousness to it. It is most successful when it has a darker or jewel tone to it, but it’s still warm and elegant. Velvet is like the moody person’s answer to the warm hug, and I love it. Continue reading “Velvety Soft”


Flight – DC

On the last day before my parents made their trek back to Connecticut, I thought it appropriate to make their last night in D.C. somewhat different, a little bit late, and memorable in an unfamiliar way. For some background information, we are early people by nature. I like to wake up in the morning between 5am and 6am (or liked, rather. D.C. is helping me to gradually wake up in peace at 7am instead of being jolted awake by the irritation of my bleeping phone in the pitch black of the morning), we eat lunch at around 11am or 12pm and eat dinner by 6:30pm. It’s regimented, I won’t tell a lie. This time, however, was different. Flight pushed things back and it was wonderful and fantastic.

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Central Michel Richard – DC

A remarkable discovery has been made. Moving is a somewhat difficult task. Very difficult, in fact. It’s taken so much work to move, actually, that I’m not sure how people manage to move into any sort of home without, at some point, attempting to rip out even a single strand of their hair. The good news now is that I’m comfortably settled, watching Netflix with the air blasting and talking to you. It’s cozy and perfect.

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I’m moving in two weeks. Well, to be technical, two weeks from yesterday. While moving on and into Washington D.C. is a wildly exciting premise, any sort of major change in your life is always cause for a little bit of jitteriness. Yes, moving is exciting and different and new, but at the same time you’re leaving familiarity. There is, however, an inherent warmth of your home that will never dissipate, which is what gives more ease to the concept of moving. This whole premise is directly related to my dinner last night at Tarantino. It’s a place that I have always seen; a familiar staple across the street from the train station. It is a place, however, that I have never been to. At least in my position, it was a mixture of something old and something new.

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Fiola – DC

G’day, all! Did I tell you that I got a new, part-time job? Well, I did. At State Farm, actually. It’s been pretty fantastic and now I think I’m really into insurance, which is something I wasn’t aware that I would be interested in, but now… I totally am. Insurance is fun, people! Since I’ve been so enthused with work excitement, I have slightly neglected my blog. What can I say? But I’m talking to you now, so let’s just call this my fruitful attempt at making up for being – er- comatose in the writing department. When I was in DC I forgot to mention my dinner at Fiola. That was a poor mistake, as Fiola was creatively inventive yet classically delicious.  Continue reading “Fiola – DC”

Zaytinya – DC

Yesterday I spent the earlier parts of the morning on a relaxing, three mile walk of the central areas of DC. The sun made continuous attempts to slide out from behind the previous evening’s residual clouds, and I was able to enjoy the touristy locations in their most tranquil setting as fellow tourists opted to sleep in. At that hour, the Lincoln Memorial was magically quiet, the Reflecting Pool was still (with the exception of the occasional family of ducks), and the only crowds at The White House came in the form of business-people enjoying its view on their way to work. Everyone has been right so far; I know I am going to like it here.  Continue reading “Zaytinya – DC”

Le Diplomate – DC

Hello from Washington, DC! I’m currently writing to you from the most-delightfully, lovely Park Hyatt in DC. Apologies, I’ve been rather irresponsible with recent details of my life that I feel you are very much subjected to. I’m going to Georgetown in the fall. I’m getting my Master’s in Journalism, but of course. This is my first day visiting DC and, so far, I’m perfectly in love with this city. For our first dinner, we decided on a wonderful French restaurant called Le Diplomate, which was a rather excellent way to step into the city.  Continue reading “Le Diplomate – DC”

Spago – Istanbul

Istanbul is an almost indescribably remarkable and beautifully unexpected city. The fusion of Western and Eastern cultures is perfectly evident and pure, as one could quite easily find a woman walking down the street with a Birkin passing by another woman graciously draped in a burka. All of this juxtaposition is veiled in the sounds of the Call to prayer, which we were fortunately able to experience whilst overlooking the majestic Blue Mosque. Istanbul is, quite honestly, an amazing place. The experience was made even more spectacular upon dining at Spago at the St. Regis. Continue reading “Spago – Istanbul”

The Bocuse Restaurant – Culinary Institute of America

My birthday was on June 9th and, thus, I have just turned 24. I haven’t decided how I feel about 24 yet, actually. It’s a year away from being a quarter century old (which, by the way, sounds much older than it actually needs to be. I mean, you’re only 25, after all) but it is too old to justify any sort of excessively moronic mistakes. I’m in my twenties-limbo, people. At least I got to let all of that age nonsense go for my birthday dinner at The Bocuse Restaurant at the Culinary Institute of America. It was freaking delicious, so that helped back off all of those weird age-based fears, if only for a few hours. Continue reading “The Bocuse Restaurant – Culinary Institute of America”

Mykonos, Greece

After sailing overnight on a smooth-as-glass Aegean Sea, we arrived early in the morning at the idyllic seaside, windy, town of Mykonos. This was, one of the most heavily anticipated ports, as we knew that our tour included a wine tasting at a local vineyard. Wine, wine all of the time. That is my most favorite rhyme.  Continue reading “Mykonos, Greece”