Why, hello lovely.

Thank you for visiting my blog, that was a very kind gesture. My name is Callan, I’m 25 and in grad school. Since you’ve bothered to come to this page, I’m sure we’re going to get along just fine.

So, this page is meant to tell you, either a loyal reader or a rare visitor, a little bit about the person behind this experimental computer screen. I love a lot of things. Food is one of them, which one would think could be bizarre considering I tend to intentionally dodge red meat and starches. This, of course, doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t eat it once in a while.

Also, I love to travel. I lived in London when I was in college and it was quite literally the best decision that I have ever made (except maybe for ordering lasagna in Florence. That was a very good decision).

So, enjoy yourself (as best you can) and I’ll do my best to keep you gastronomically and globally amused. It’s my civil duty as your internet entertainer.


All content and images within this site are the property of Callan Mathis. I.E that means I’ll be happy to share my photos with you but you should either A. ask me, B. cite the photos OR C. link back to my humble blog




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