Spago – Istanbul

Istanbul is an almost indescribably remarkable and beautifully unexpected city. The fusion of Western and Eastern cultures is perfectly evident and pure, as one could quite easily find a woman walking down the street with a Birkin passing by another woman graciously draped in a burka. All of this juxtaposition is veiled in the sounds of the Call to prayer, which we were fortunately able to experience whilst overlooking the majestic Blue Mosque. Istanbul is, quite honestly, an amazing place. The experience was made even more spectacular upon dining at Spago at the St. Regis.   We were staying at the Park Hyatt (which by the way was one of the poshest hotels that I have ever stepped foot in. Seriously, the room had a sauna) and, fortunately, the St. Regis was just about a block away. Whoever complained about delicious food being just steps away from your hotel? Well, I normally don’t. Actually, I can’t think of a single time that a complaint such as that seeped out of my mouth.

Flatbread. Yum.
Flatbread. Yum.
Little light puffs of loveliness
Little light puffs of loveliness

The restaurant hosts boastfully brilliant Istanbul views, which we were able to enjoy at the peak of sunset. Istanbul is a beautiful city even in its least etherial moments, and being able to experience it at that moment created for an even more perfect evening.

We decided to start with a butter lettuce salad, which was adorned with cherry tomatoes, avocado, blue cheese, and dressed with a Champagne-Herb vinaigrette. It was light, crunchy, tangy, and everything that a salad should be.


Following our salad, my mom and I (per usual) split the turbot, which was elegantly light, fresh and clean. It was made EVEN better by the addition of the roasted cauliflower, which came with preserved lemon (possibly my favorite variety of lemon), golden raisins and toasted almonds. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Cauliflower time
Cauliflower time

Spago was charmingly delicious. If I am fortunate enough to ever be able to see the beauty of Istanbul again, this certainly will be one of my stops.


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